Server System Requirements:

Web Server capable of running PHP version 5.1.6 or newer, and .htaccess allowed on the vision directory or ISAPI Rewrite installed.

Select your OS:

First update your system

# yum update

Then install Apache/httpd

# yum install httpd

Set up Apache to start on boot

# chkconfig –levels 2345 httpd on

Edit the httpd.conf file (or the directory file if use seperate files) and set AllowOveride FileInfo for the vision directory

# vim /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

Install PHP and PHP-PDO on the server

# yum install php php-pdo

Get the latest tar file from our server

# wget -N

Uncompress the file

# tar -xzf vision_1.0.tar.gz

Copy the uncompressed files to the VISION directory

# cp -f ./vision_1.0 /var/www/

Rename the new directory to the default directory name

# mv /var/www/vision_1.0 /var/www/html

Start the Apache server

# service httpd start

NOTE: Internet Explorer Enhanced Security

Add the Web Server (IIS) Role, ensure the role services ISAPI extensions, ISAPI filters and CGI are enabled

Download and install the stable non thread safe Windows PHP binary, select FastCGI install

Download and uncompress into c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ (or your new vision directory)

Download and install ISAPI Rewrite 3 Lite x64 and copy this file (right click and save link/target as) httpd.conf into the installation directory

Set the default document for the site for vision to 'index.php' in the IIS Manager

Final steps:

If you are using Sawmill prior to version 8.6.2, you need to prepare your Sawmill install to receive Vision connections by following these instructions, if you are using 8.6.2+ this is not required.

Locate the settings.php file found in the root of the Vision directory and set the URL of the copy of Sawmill you want to see in Vision (sawmill_path), the username and password required to access the Sawmill server, a default profile & license key:

Vision Settings

Once you have all the componants installed, you can browse to your server and you should get the Vision front page.