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Don't leave your reports in the office - take them with you wherever you go

Being away from your desk or workstation means being away from your data. In this 24x7 world things happen fast and usually at the most inconvenient of times. Make sure you are always ready and always informed with VISION from Visidata.


VISION is a completely new mobile app from Visidata making your reports available on your mobile device. The first product supported by VISION is Sawmill, but many more will soon follow. Now you can see your data 'Sawmill time', with live reports updated and refreshed with every request from your smartphone or tablet.

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VISION 20/20

A picture is worth a thousand alerts. With VISION you can see and judge trends and rates of change for yourself. Make decisions based on your own judgement. It is the difference between seeing an opportunity, and seeing it too late. The difference between averting a potential problem and having to sweep up afterwards. Relying on alerts to your smartphone is like waiting until its too late


The VISION user interface has been created for intuitive use with large colourful graphics designed with small format displays in mind, with line graphs, bar-charts, and tables of data, plus of course a calendar to select from/to dates for your reports.

There is no alternative to actually seeing your own data in graphical report form to assess trends and movement, to mentally compute derivatives (rate of change) and estimate time to target. An alert is a poor substitute. By the time you receive an alert it is typically too late to take avoiding action or to grasp an opportunity.

Installed as a standalone web server application VISION re-styles and re-formats Sawmill reports for every popular smartphone and tablet device. Access to your VISION host is via your browser, and once connected you will see all the reports available to you. Select the report you want to view and the date range and, hey presto!, your reports arrive as fast as your wi-fi or cellular network can deliver them, automatically sized to suit your device. Plus you can connect to any number of VISION hosts where you have access rights to view your reports. So don't be chained to your workstation or office desk to stay in touch with your data - get FREEDOM, get VISION

VISION is licensed as a web server application for a given number of users. End user licenses are available from 5 upwards, and service provider licenses are also available. Contact for further details and a quotation.

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